2807 BC, May 10, Tuesday —Indian Ocean:

Well this is an interesting little story, isn’t it?

Somebody thinks a comet hit earth, causing a tsunami, confusing it with Noah’s flood. There are numerous problems with this stupidity.

Let’s start with the first. Moral equivalence. All 175 flood stories, according to you, are equally valid. Typical atheism and boring.

Onto number two. You cite precise dates, but not the dating system. Oooo! You are soo scientific!

Number 3. You got your dates from “software.” Wow! Who wrote your garbage-in, garbage-out software? That might be a bit more interesting discovery.

#4. You bring in the “Modern Hindu Age.” Now we’ve got another dating system, and it’s neither pretty nor defined.

Number five: It goes on…

2815 BC, June 2 (JC)

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