2824 BC, December 31, Saturday —Egypt:

Pharaoh Nyneter hacked up the city of Shem-Re and the House of the North. While that might seem a bit rude, such is the nature of war and pharaohs. Even though this was technically the Bronze Age, stone weapons made of flint gave the most bang per buck and were used by most of the army. The bronze weapons were saved for kings and ceremony.

Nynetjer also performed his sixth cattle count. It was a lot of fun for the counter; not so much for the countee. The cattle didn’t much care.

There was the “Escort of Horus” feast this year to celebrate the cattle count and collection of taxes. Yee-haw.

The Nile River flood level reached a record low of 0.52 meters.

2823 BC, January 23 (JC)

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