Ötzi’s Winter Survival Gear: Snow Shoes

3106 BC, September 18, Sunday —Location: 46° 46′ 45.8″ North, 10° 50′ 25.1″ East:

Ötzi the Iceman has the best snow shoes that are available anywhere in the world for hiking through mountains and valleys. The soles are made of the finest, toughest bearskin to protect your feet from the rough terrain. The upper panels are made of softer, more flexible deer hide leather. Inside of the shoes is a netting made of tree bark. The entire shoe is held together by strips of sinew and is guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. The shoe has a wide footprint to facilitate trudging through the snow and allow ample room for soft grass for comfort and additional warmth.

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3106 BC, October 14 (JC)

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