Ötzi’s Winter Survival Gear: Copper Axe

3106 BC, September 19, Monday —Location: 46° 46′ 45.8″ North, 10° 50′ 25.1″ East:

Ötzi the Iceman’s axe is THE axe to own. Not only can you chop trees, food, and bad people, but it serves as an impressive status symbol.

The blade is 99.7% pure copper that has been casted, forged, polished and finally sharpened. It connects to a forked end of the handle and is held firmly in place with a combination of birch tar and a tightly wound rawhide lashing. The birch tar is the best adhesive available.

The axe handle is 24 inches long and has a natural, right-angled crook at the shoulder where it connects to the blade. It is made from yew, a naturally springy wood, to protect your own body from the shock of impact whether you are cutting wood or striking an enemy in the skull.

Go out and get yours today. You will not regret it.

3106 BC, October 15 (JC)

Ötzi’s Axe
Ötzi the Iceman’s has a 99.7% copper blade attached to a yew handle. (Fall/Winter 3106 BC Collection)

Ötzi’s Axe Blade Closeup
Ötzi the Iceman’s axe blade attaches to a fork in the handle and is held together with birch tar and leather straps. (Fall/Winter 3106 BC Collection)

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