Narmer: Pharaoh of ALL of Egypt!
Narmer Unites Upper/Lower Egypt: 3110 BC

3110 BC, December 31, Monday —Egypt:

Narmer, formerly known as Menes (leader of Upper Egypt), became Pharaoh of all of Egypt. Upper and Lower Egypt became one kingdom with Narmer as king!

3109 BC, January 26 (JC)

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  1. Gray

    So very true, Laura! I find that it is sometimes eeisar to hear God on a sunny day…the hail storms get so noisy and scary! It makes it hard to listen, to be still and focus on His voice…my New Testament reminder is Jesus in the storm. The disciples are scurrying and shouting trying to be heard over the noise of the storm…and Jesus is sleeping. When they finally run in to Him, he simply calms the storm. Moving cross-crountry in 3 weeks while getting ready for a new year of home schooling has had the potential to be a noisy storm…the Lord has been so faithful in reminding me to slow down, listen, and to watch in awe and wonder as He does what only He can do through it!!We have been praying for you and the family. Thank you for sharing your journey and insights!