3504 BC, July 2, Tuesday –Village of Eight:


Monotheism: 100%


36 (July, 3504 BC est.)

Age Structure:

0-14 years: 80.56% (male 16/female 13)
15-24 years: 0.00% (male 0/female 0)
25-54 years: 8.33% (male 0/female 3)
55-64 years: 0.00% (male 0/female 0)
65 years and over: 11.11% (male 4/female 0) (July, 3504 BC est.)

Median age:

total: 36.4 years
male: 53.9 years
female: 14.7 years (July, 3504 BC est.)

Population growth rate:


Wild speculation (based on a model):

Japheth’s wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on (guesstimate) September 2nd of the previous year. This was extremely welcome news since the young male population significantly outnumbers the young female population. You need girls or there is no being fruitful and/or multiplying.

3504 BC, July 31 (JC)

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