3516 BC, July 2, Manic Monday –Village of Eight:


Monotheism: 100%


16 (July, 3516 BC est.)

Age Structure:

0-14 years: 50.00% (male 3/female 5)
15-24 years: 6.25% (male 0/female 1)
25-54 years: 12.50% (male 0/female 2)
55-64 years: 0.00% (male 0/female 0)
65 years and over: 31.25% (male 4/female 1) (July, 3516 BC est.)

Median age:

total: 69.8 years
male: 129.6 years
female: 23.2 years (July, 3516 BC est.)

Population growth rate:


Wild speculation (based on a model):

The good news is children are being born one after another, and the world population has doubled in the three years since the Great Flood ended.

Ham’s wife had a baby boy on (guesstimate) December 25th of the previous year. They named him Cush, which means, “black.” Shem’s wife introduced a newborn baby girl to the world on (guesstimate) March 17th. Finally, Japheth’s wife brought forth a son on (guesstimate) May 3rd. They named him Gomer, which means “to end” or “complete.”

3516 BC, July 31 (JC)

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