3519 BC, May 8, Friday –Lubar:

And Noe (Noah) built an altar to God and tool of all the clean domestic animals and of all the clean birds and offered whole burnt offerings on the altar. And the Lord God smelled an odor of fragrance, and the Lord God, when he had given it thought, said, “I will not proceed hereafter to curse the earth because of the deeds of humans, for the mind of humankind applies itself attentively to evil things from youth; so I will not proceed hereafter to smite all living flesh as I have done.

During all the days of the earth,
seed and harvest, cold and heat,
summer and spring shall not cease-
during day and night.”
-Genesis 8:19-22 Septuagint (NETS)

3519 BC, June 6 (JC)

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