3520 BC, May 27, Tuesday –Land of Nod:

And Kain (Cain) knew his wife, and after she had conceived she bore Henoch (Enoch), and he was building a city and named the city after the name of his son Henoch. Then to Henoch was born Gaidad (Irad), and Gaidad was the father of Maiel (Mehujael), and Maiel the father of Mathousala (Methushael), and Mathousala the father of Lamech. And Lamech took for himself two wives; the name of the one was Ada (Adah), and the name of the second was Sella (Zillah). And Ada bore Iobel (Jabal); he was the ancestor of cattle-raisers living in tents. And his brother’s name was Ioubal (Jubal); he was the one who introduced the harp and lyre. As for Sella, she also bore Thobel (Tubal-cain), and he was a smith, a forger of bronze and iron, and the sister of Thobel was Noema (Naamah).

Now Lamech said to his own wives: “Ada and Sella, hear my voice; you wives of Lamech, listen to my words, because I have killed a man for a wound to me, and a young man for a welt to me, because seven times vengeance has been exacted by Kain, but by Lamech seventy times seven.
-Genesis 4:17-24 Septuagint (NETS)

The line of Cain, extinguished by the Great Deluge, were the innovators. Innovation built the ark. Irony.

3520 BC, June 25 (JC)

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