3520 BC, July 2, Wednesday –Lands of Elda and Nod:


Monotheism: 100%


8 (July, 3520 BC est.)

Age Structure:

0-14 years: 0.00% (male 0/female 0)
15-24 years: 25.00% (male 0/female 2)
25-54 years: 12.50% (male 0/female 1)
55-64 years: 0.00% (male 0/female 0)
65 years and over: 62.50% (male 4/female 1) (July, 3520 BC est.)

Median age:

total: 134.5 years
male: 222.5 years
female: 46.5 years (July, 3520 BC est.)

Population growth rate:


Wild speculation (based on a model):

This was the greatest year of population decrease the world has ever seen. The only humans left alive were Noah and his seven family members huddled together on the ark, adrift on a global ocean.

3520 BC, July 31 (JC)

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