3685 BC, December 31, Sunday –25° 5′ 50″ North, 32° 46′ 46″ East:

The Naqada culture constructed a rather large tomb for one of their leaders and decorated the walls with paintings.

The painting, in cheerful colors, depicts many different animals, lots of people doing strange things, ships, and is the likes of which we have never before seen. Especially considering this is the wall of a freakin’ tomb!!!

3864 BC, January 29 (JC)

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    • MisterOriginal

      The purpose is to report the latest news without any spin.

  1. Emrullah

    What can I say except Amen. Our dtughaer presented her program at church last night about their journey of adoption and the full circle from Romania and back. Patience and storms with the Lord providing. Thank you for reminding me that we can all walk through the hail.Clella


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