3807 BC, December 31, Wednesday –51° 9′ 51″ North, 2° 49′ 35″ West:

The Sweet Track has been planned to replace the aging, 31-year old Post Track. It will run along the same course, for the most part. In some parts, the Sweet Track will run directly over the old Post Track in some places and parallel to it in others. It will be approximately 3,000 meters long.

A base rail will be laid on top of the peat below the water of the swamps. Two pegs will be driven in opposite directions across the top of the base rail, through the peat and into the underlying clay. This will provide a stable structure for the walking planks that will be run above water surface. These walking planks will be further stabilized by a peg that will be driven through the plank, peat, and into the more solid clay.

3806 BC, January 31 (JC)

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