4900 BC, December 31, Tuesday –Location: 51° 11′ 54″ North, 11° 51′ 53″ East:

The Goseck Circle is a solar observatory used to identify the direction the sun rises and sets at winter solstice, among other things such as, you know, human sacrifice and stuff.

It is built on a set of four concentric circles 75 meters across overall. Two concentric palisades are constructed out of oak poles. The sun can be seen rising and setting through the gates in the palisade on winter solstice. And then, if you want, you can sacrifice animals and people.

This solar observatory was created by the most brilliant scientists of the Stoke-ornamented ware culture, abbreviated STK for Stichbandkeramik.

It is now possible to precisely determine the number of days in a year and create proper calendars.

4899 BC, February 7 (JC)

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