5090 BC, December 31, Thursday –Location: 49° 5′ 0″ North, 9° 12′ 0″ East:

Men from the LBK culture brutally massacred at least 34 men, women and children, stripped their bodies naked and threw them into a mass grave. Motivation for the slaughter is still under investigation, but it may have been related to a beautiful young runaway bride.

Warning: Graphic Description.
The aggressors launched their attack with bows and arrows shortly before sunrise when the victims were still asleep. Almost all of the victims were attacked from behind without being able to offer substantial resistance. A few were struck in the head with flat axes and/or shoe-last adzes as they tried to flee, already wounded by arrows. Among those murdered in this horrific event were 16 children.

5089 BC, February 9 (JC)

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