5235 BC, December 31, Saturday –Coordinates: 25° 59′ 11″ North, 55° 56′ 24″ East:

As it turns out, clams are not only tasty treats to eat: the ladies go nuts over the insides of the shiny shells and especially the occasional rare pearls!

Here’s how it works, guys. You dive naked into the sea. Try not to let sharks, stingrays and/or mermaids slaughter you. Grab some clams. Oh! And don’t drown while you’re at it. When you surface –assuming you don’t die– you’ll have some food, at the very least. If, out of 300 to 400 clams, you find a pearl, maybe you’ll get a girl. If you’re lucky, this will not be on your daily “honey do” list.

5234 BC, February 10 (JC)

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