5300 BC, December 31, Tuesday –The Danube Valley Civilization:

The Vinča Culture invented writing. Seems like people were having a hard time remembering things and would start screaming at each other, “Would you puh-lease just write it down so you don’t forget, you freaky mongrel???” In those days, of course, a mongrel was someone of mixed neanderthal and human descent, but even the purest of pure-bred homo sapien sapiens couldn’t write anything down since writing had yet to be invented. From this day forth, however, people could write whatever they wanted so as not to forget.

The first thing ever written concerned the locations where the inebriants were stashed, not to be discovered by the “lovely” wife’s probing probing.

On the bad side of things, on this day, illiteracy was invented as well.

5299 BC, February 10 (JC)

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