Ancient History

Finally, we have written and/or symbolic documentation that is reasonably dated to approximately the same years where events said to have occurred.

Leizu Discovers Silk 2696 BC

Leizu Discovers Silk

2696 BC, December 31, Thursday —China Leizu discovered silk when a cocoon fell into her tea and began to unravel. She noticed the cocoon was made from a very long, soft thread that was also strong. Leizu wa...
Bamboo Flute Music: 2697 BC

Chinese Invent Chinese Music

2697 BC, December 31, Wednesday —China Chinese Emperor Huangti (AKA, Yellow Emperor) sent Chinese Ling Lun to produce Chinese flutes from Chinese bamboo. This was a very happy time for the Chinese. There wa...
Yellow Emperor Rules China: 2698 BC

Yellow Emperor Rules China

2698 BC, December 31, Monday —China The Yellow Emperor became the Emperor of China. Although he was happy to become emperor, he didn’t care too much for being called “yellow.” He preferred Huangti. This is ...
Sutz-Lattrigen-Rütte Burns: 2704 BC

Sutz-Lattrigen-Rütte Burns

2704 BC, December 31, Tuesday —Sutz-Lattrigen-Rütte Sutz-Lattrigen-Rütte burned to the ground. Rebuilding of the village began immediately, beginning with brand spanking new 12 buildings. 2703 BC, January 2...