Ancient History

Finally, we have written and/or symbolic documentation that is reasonably dated to approximately the same years where events said to have occurred.

Huni Becomes Pharaoh of Egypt - 2637 BC

Huni Becomes Pharaoh of Egypt

2637 BC, December 31, Monday —Egypt Huni became Pharaoh of Egypt, and all of the people rejoiced. “Hooray, hooray. Here’s another guy who thinks he’s some kind of god. Nobody knows his predecessor. Maybe we’...

Peleg Dies

2650 BC, September 3, Friday —Ur Kaśdim, Sumer Peleg died. He was the son of Eber and father of Reu. He was only 339 years old which was quite young when compared to Methuselah. 2650 BC, September 25 (JC)...