3142 BC

Pharaoh Menes: 3142 BC

Scorpion Succeeded by Menes

3142 BC, December 31, Wednesday —Nekhen: Scorpion was succeeded by Menes as the leader of Upper Egypt, ruling from Nekhen. In the midst of the Piora Oscillation, the general population was concerned about a...
State Sponsored War: 3142 BC

State Sponsored War!

3142 BC, September 7, Sunday —Global: …And the sons of Noah began to war on each other, to take captive and to slay each other, and to shed the blood of men on the earth, and to eat blood, and to build strong ...
Roof Beam: 3142 BC

Jushur Becomes King of Kish

3142 BC, September 6, Saturday —Kish: Jushur (aka Jucur, Gushur, Gushuru, Ngushur, Gishur, or Gaur) became the first King of Kish. His name means "roof beam." The largest, richest, and most powerful cities ...