Sutz-Lattrigen-Rütte Burns: 2704 BC

Sutz-Lattrigen-Rütte Burns

2704 BC, December 31, Tuesday —Sutz-Lattrigen-Rütte Sutz-Lattrigen-Rütte burned to the ground. Rebuilding of the village began immediately, beginning with brand spanking new 12 buildings. 2703 BC, January 2...
Sala Dies: 2793 BC

Sala Dies

2793 BC, August 22, Friday —Ur Kaśdim: Sala (שלח) died. He was the son of Cainan and Milcah, daughter of Madai. He married Mu’ak, daughter of Kesed, and is survived by his son Eber. 2793 BC, September 14 (J...