MisterOriginal Resources


  • Les escadrilles françaises de la Grande Guerre: Site (in French) with a tremendous amount of information about French military aviation since its beginnings through the end of the Great War.
  • The Aerodrome: Site with an excellent forum covering aviation during World War One.
  • Their Flying Machines: Site (in Russian) with extensive information, plans, and photos about aviation from the pioneers to the end of the First World War.


  • CIA World Factbook: Data about 267 countries (countries, territories, etc).
  • FleetMon: Maritime register of 396,000 ships.
  • GeoNames: Database of 8,251,333 location names from around the world.
  • Navypedia: Free data about navies of the world.
  • OurAirports: Open data covering 45,261 airports, 666 airlines, 348 aircraft, and 66,615 airline routes.
  • Lists 8,293 ports in 222 countries.
  • The World Bank: Incredible source of data about the countries of the world.



  • Ethnologue: Comprehensive catalog of the languages of the world.
  • LL Map: Comprehensive mappnigs of the languages of the world.

Photo & Video:

  • 3 Exposure: Offers tips tips, tricks, reviews, punditry, training videos, podcasts, etc. covering all aspects of time lapse, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and panoramic photography.
  • Richard Harrington Blog: Richard Harrington is a video producer, trainer, and author of numerous excellent books that will teach you how to use the tools of the trade.

Project Management

  • Pivotal Tracker: As a programmer, Pivotal Tracker makes far more sense to my brain as a project management tool than Basecamp, but I’m not a project manager. Trajectory is what it’s all about when trying to solve problems unique to a particular website. I’m a programmer, not a robot.

Selling Online

  • Piano Buyer: Thank goodness eBay and Amazon aren’t the only shows in town. Competition is a good thing! Piano Buyer is an example of site well-focused on a product more than eBay can handle. Piano’s are not commodities.

Truth Management

  • PersonaLabs: Want to find out the truth about some potentially embarrassing things such as “Who’s your daddy?” or “Do I have another STD?” or “Did dirty drug needles give me hepatitis & HIV?” PersonaLabs makes it affordable and discrete.

Work Online Job Sites

  • SoloGig: A division of, SoloGig is not exclusively devoted to telecommuting and WAH (Work At Home) jobs. Nevertheless, it is possible to find real work for real pay for real Americans.
  • vWorker: Historically, vWorker has been a great place to find real online jobs that actually pay and where Americans are actually hired for more than slave wages. Unfortunately, they have been bought out by We’ll see what happens.

Work Online Resource Sites

  • wahadventures: This is a great site for exploring the wild, wild world of working at home.